Jesus Has Left The Seashore

Bible reference: Mark 6:47-51

Friends, Jesus is walking on water towards somebody this very moment! The above story in the book of Mark is about when the disciples of God were on a boat and the enemy sent a contrary wind to them in the middle of the night. The spirit of fear overcame all the disciples. Fear of drowning! But Jesus, who had seen them toiling and rowing, had already left the seashore and was walking on the sea towards them!

Friends, in all our situations and circumstances even though we do not see him, Jesus has already left the seashore and is on his way to put an end to the contrary wind that the enemy has placed in our lives. No matter how strong that contrary wind is, it will not turn your boat.

Everything you are going through is nothing but a “noise”. The word of God tells us that the Lord on high is “MIGHTIER” than the noise of many waters. One of the MANY names of God is Jehovah Shamah (The Ever present God). He is a very present help in time of trouble. He says in the bible: “Come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laiden and I will give you rest!”

Friends, you may be heavy laiden with the affairs of this world. Elijah was so fed up that he has God to take his life! David said “Why art thou cast down oh my soul? Paul said “We are troubled on EVERY side”! You may have toiled all night and have caught nothing. You may very well be in the lion’s den or in the fire right now. You may even be in the valley. You may be troubled on every side like Paul. It may seem as though everywhere you turn someone is asking for a handout yet you are barely keeping your head above water yourself. The fig tree may not be blossoming at the moment. Friends, take it to the Lord in prayer. He is mindful of you. He feels your pain. He is touched by the feelings of your infirmities. Your morning of joy is here!

Stay in the boat and keep the faith; Jesus has already left the seashore. He is walking on water towards “YOUR” boat. He will give you rest round about! So eat, drink, and be merry! Don’t worry about the “noise”. The Lord is MIGHTIER! The Master will embarrass you with the blessings of the Lord that makes rich and add no sorrow! Be blessed in the awesome name of Jesus!

Song: Jesus must be honored, must be honored, must be honored! God must be honored in m

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