Master of Situations and Circumstances (MSC)

Friends, Happy new month!!! It is written in 1st Peter 5:10 that after you have suffered a while the God of all grace will make you perfect, established, strengthened, and settled. This is your month of divine settlement in the mighty name of Jesus!!! The God of all grace will establish you in that job or business in the mighty name of Jesus! You will be strengthened! So shall it be in the mighty name of Jesus!

Beloved, Jesus has an MSC degree as you can see from the title of this message. He is the Master of Situations and Circumstances and the ONLY potentate. He specializes in seemingly impossible cases by making impossibility possible! For whatever situation you may be going through today my word for you is this: “it is a simple matter before God!” The bible says “I am the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for me?”

Lazarus was dead FOUR days but rose after Jesus showed up on the scene! The son of the widow of Nain was also raised from the dead as well as Jarius’ daughter! There were some people in the bible that didn’t have money to pay their taxes but Jesus brought money out of the mouth of a fish! He brought water out of a rock for the Israelites! He made the bitter water of Mara sweet! He brought manna from heaven! He commanded the ravens to feed Elijah! He multiplied five loaves of bread and two fishes to feed a multitude! The list goes on and on!!! These are just to mention a few of the seemingly impossible cases that God made possible.

In light of all these miracles that God wrought, I am convinced that He is more than able to come through for you in WHATEVER situation you may be in. Friends, it’s a simple matter before God. He is the Master of Situation and Circumstances (MSC). Rather than obsessing on how big the problem is, confess and meditate on how big your God is!!! But there’s only one condition, friends: Jesus said it is not meet to cast the “children’s” bread to dogs!!! You may have been a dog; NOW is the time to become a child of the one who has an MSC. He stands at the door of your heart and knocks. I hope you will open to him and allow him to come in and sup with you. As you do so, I pray in the mighty name of Jesus that that seemingly impossible case will become a great testimony. Remain blessed in Jesus’ name and once again HAPPY NEW MONTH!

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