Lord, Take Care of My “But”

May God take care of every “BUT” in our lives in the mighty name of Jesus! Naaman was a mighty man of valor, an honorable captain of hosts BUT he was a leper. The lame man was at the gate called “beautiful” BUT his life was everything but that until his encounter with Peter that is! The bible referred to Shunamite woman as “great” and VERY wealthy BUT she had no child at the time she met Elisha! Jacob loved Rachel more than her sister (Leah) BUT she was barren for a very long time! There’s a saying in the Yoruba language that “Eni l’ori ko ni fila” which literarily means that one person has head but no cap while another has a cap but no head. Beloved, I believe the real interpretation is that we all have diverse needs. So while a person may appear to be the envy of everyone, we truly do not know what that person may be going through. So the next time you are tempted to envy that sister or brother that you are just convinced “has it all together” bear in mind that the confidence he or she exudes is actually struggle wrapped up in strength from God. Glory HALELUIAH!!!

Beloved, some have food BUT, cannot eat! Some can eat BUT have no food! We need to be thankful that we have food AND we can eat!  The list of the “BUTS” in the lives of people goes on and on!  The great news is that God is a God that can remove every “BUT” in our lives. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus that he will PERFECT all that concerns you!

He (God) knows where the shoe pinches. He knows exactly what it is that is not making you to eat your meals with joy.  People around you may not be aware some of the ugly situations you are going. They may not realize that you are actually going through the pit and the lion’s den but rest assured that God knows and feels your pain! Beloved, HE KNOWS!!! We do NOT serve a high priest who isn’t touched by what we go through. He could’ve moved BEFORE Shadrach Messach, and Abednego were thrown into a fiery furnace but he didn’t! He could’ve sent his word to Lazarus and healed him BEFORE he died but he didn’t! He says “AFTER” you have suffered a while (not before), he will make you perfect, established, settled! Friends, there is a cross to carry. You must pay the price to win the prize!

I pray in the mighty name of Jesus that you will enter your promised land sooner than later! God is rolling away the reproach of Egypt from your lives! He is removing every “BUT”!!! Remain blessed in the mighty name of Jesus!

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