# Forwarded as received

“No wonder I feel better each time I eat it.”

★★★EWEDU our Own very EWEDU that we eat AMALA with😊😆😀

. English name is Jute.

★★★Ordinary Leaf At Your Backyard. Cures Incurables ★★

God Hates Exaggeration. Believe it or Not EWEDU is Extremely Wonderful.It is GOD’s gift to man.

How Can Ordinary Leaf Be So Powerful.
Let’s Fear And Obey The Creator Of All These.

★★Ewedu Smoothies★
In My First Ewedu Post. We Advocated Cooking For 3 To 5 Mins Which Works Wonders too. However In This Method We Don’t Need Cooking. Just Pure Raw…Blend and drink.


A Cancer Patient From Lagos Called Me and sobbed that She Was Dying. Everything Has failed, she Added.
Madam You Cannot Die, I Said… Send Someone To Buy You Ewedu eat/drink as Plenty As You Can Daily. To the glory of GOD she did. This was somebody the Hospital has given up on. She is now Back To Life. Right now doing Her Normal busyness. All Pain Gone. All Dizziness Gone. And Low Energy Gone. EWEDU Is what brought her from Dying Point to Live!!!

STOMACH ULCERS: Peptic and Semifinal : Ewedu Can Cure them. Over 70% Of Ulcers have disappeared with EweduDrink

LOW LIBIDOS:-For Both Sex. Use Ewedu.

★Dizziness. Use Ewedu
★All Cancers Use Ewedu.
★All Gastrointestinal Disorders, Pls Use Ewedu
★All EYE Problems. Please Drink Ewedu religiously.
★Liver Diseases. Pls Use Ewedu
★Kidney Diseases. Use Ewedu
★All. I Mean All Diseases. Pls Use Ewedu.
★You Want To Look Younger Than Your Age. ★Please drink ewedu like Kin lo de😀
★Low Energy. Pls Use Ewedu.

★★★How To Prepare★★★
To Get The Wonders Of Ewedu This Is My Method
I Have Personal Ewedu Garden. No Chemical Fertilizer
No Pesticides
No Herbicides
No Nothing.
Pure Organic.

We Cut With Scissors.
And Wash
Put Inside A Blender
Add Cayenne Pepper(Optional)
Add Natural Sea Salt(Optional)
And Blend Smooth For A Minute.
Serve In Glass Cups
I Drink 2 Glass During morning Hours,
You Can Drink As Many Times As You Want.
Ewedu Smoothies Has No Overdose./No Single Side Effect, Except If They Spay Toxic Pesticides.

★You Can Drink A Glass Daily Or 12 Glasses ★Daily.
★It Does Wonders For Pile.
★Hi Cholesterol
★Hi Blood Pressure
★Liver Disorders
★I Have Achieved With Ewedu Leaves What I ★Have Never Achieved With Other Leaves.
★Before Traveling To USA For Medical Reasons. i Encourage You To Drink Ewedu ★Smoothies At Least For few Months

It Will Surely Amaze You.
Even Though I Use Organic Ewedu, Yes, You Can Still Achieve Wonders With The Ones You Buy From The Market

★★★How To Plant It★★★
Go To Any Yoruba Market Close To You. Ask For Ewedu Seed. Buy As Many As You Want For N100. US$0.30
It Grows Everywhere.
It Does Well In All Lands And Villages. In Flower Pots. In Case You’re Renting.
It Grows Well In All Areas. Buy And Plant.
Cure Your Health Disorders. And Leave Chemicals Alone. Because They Make Your Situation Worst

★★★Ewedu Has In Abundant The Following
★★★Vitamin A, C, And E. These Vitamins Are The Reason Why You Can’t Get Cancer If You’re Using Ewedu In Abundant.

★★★The Omega 3 Content In Ewedu Is Amazingly Incredible. This Alone Is Waging War Against All Known And Unknown Diseases. And Make You Look Healthy And Youthful.

If You See Any Old Person In Yoruba Land Looking Healthy, Strong And Young. Ask For The Secret. Ewedu Is The Answer. I Can Prove This.

My Question Is, Why Should I Take Calcium Supplements Which Creates Additional Toxic Load In The Body And Abandon Ewedu Which Supplies Calcium In Abundant?

★★★Beta Carotene
Amazingly, I Mean Who On Earth Could Believe That One Serving Of Ewedu Contains Over 1,200 IU Of This Natural Supplement
★★★Iron, Niacin Etc Are All Found In Ewedu.

** *This LEAVE 🌿(EWEDU) really cures if only you BELIEVE..!🌿***

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