Many people on social media show edited versions of their lives. Many only show what they want us to see which is usually the good and the glamorous. But in real life, there is also the bad and the ugly.

Many don’t like to show their failures. We all know that life isn’t as perfect as some would like us to believe.

Just the other day I decided to bake some keto bread and everything that could go wrong did! It was an absolute disaster to put it mildly 😊

I have since then made keto cookies that were successfully delicious but I felt I shouldn’t only display my successful attempts but also my failed attempts and show how I learned from my mistakes.

I actually thought about deleting this video and redoing it and then I thought that it’ll be a nice change to not only display the nice things but also to show my human side and that sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy my YouTube video that I titled “KETO BREAD GONE WRONG” 😊

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