The eagle is not afraid of the storm but uses it to gather momentum to propel itself to a higher altitude. The eagle soars above the storm to a level other birds cannot attain. Friends, let’s change our mindsets. Yes, we are in the midst of a pandemic; the entire world is. Let’s learn from the eagle. We have choices to make: We can lament and complain. We can sharpen ourselves. We can pursue dreams, goals, or passion that we never had time for in the past. Guess what, friends? GOD HAS GIVEN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US PLENTY OF TIME!!! Let’s use it wisely.

Let’s not waste our time but rather let’s invest it. We no longer have any excuse to be full of excuses. Like the eagle, let’s use this pandemic (storm) to gather momentum (sharpen ourselves).  One way to sharpen ourselves is to learn something new or acquire skills to be better at what we already do. Our Heavenly Father (God) rides on the wings on the wind. He has made us to seat with Him in heavenly places with Christ Jesus FAR ABOVE principalities and powers. Friends, the entire world awaits our manifestation. I pray in the powerful name of Jesus that we shall rise above this and come out better and stronger. Remain blessed in the awesome name of Jesus!


Friends, I’m excited to present to you my latest short film production 😊 It’s only 3 minutes long. Enjoy 🙂 Please be sure to check out my youtube channel and subscribe if you like the content. Stay safe!

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