You Shall Be The Next Success Story 🙏

By Margaret Morenike Doherty-Aka

Friends, the bible says we shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto us. The bible also says that where the word of a king is there is power. Since we are children of the king of kings, there is power in what we say. For this very reason, I am saying to you today that someone’s business is going to be the next success story!!!

That’s right, friends, someone is giving birth to nations!!! If that someone is you, shout a Jericho-wall destroying “HALLELUIAH”!!!

Friends, there is something in your hands and that something will announce you and birth nations!!! So get up from your comfort zones launch out into the deep!!!

Step out of the ordinary and step into the extra ordinary. Get up from your blessed assurance and step into the miraculous!

 The rest of this message has been recorded on my YouTube video (see link below or search YouTube for “you Shall Be the next success story Margaret Doherty”). After watching, PLEASE like and subscribe to my YouTube channel 😊 I hope you are blessed in Jesus’ mighty name.

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