God is Up To Something

Friends, when you are down to nothing, God is up to something.  You may be at ground zero at this moment; rest assured that God is taking you from zero to hero! You may currently be in the valley; rest assured that Jesus is the Lilly of the valley. Beloved, there’s a miracle within your misery.

That setback is actually a stepping stone to your next level. Friends, you are going from pit to palace. You are ascending your throne in the mighty name of Jesus!

Your setbacks may have amused many but your comeback will dumbfound them. You are going from problem to promotion, minimum to maximum, and from labor to favor!  

The rest of this message has been posted on my YouTube video (see link below or search YouTube for “Gos is up to something margaret doherty”). PLEASE like and subscribe to my YouTube channel 😊 I hope you are blessed in Jesus’mighty name.

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