Made Strong By Faith 💪

By Pastor Morakinyo Olumodinmu

The story of Jephthah in the Bible is a classical example of the stone the builders rejected becoming the head of the house [Psalm 118:22].

Indeed, men’s reject are God’s elect, so thank God for the rejection you have suffered in life. If that stone were “accepted” by men, it probably wouldn’t have become the chief corner stone. Sometimes, you have to be rejected by the system to find your place in God! That is the story of Jephthah.

Jephthah had a very shameful past that went very deep. He was a son of a prostitute. So his mother was a prostitute and the father patronized prostitutes though he had a wife that gave him children. In Israel of those days, it was a huge reproach to come from such parentage. It was a shame that could not be easily shaken off.

When his half brothers grew up, they threw him out of the house, claiming that Jephthah would never share in their father’s wealth. So he was rejected by his own people, disconnected from the family’s wealth and driven into poverty.


But Jephthah refused to give up on himself. He worked on himself over time, and became not just the champion of his family but also the deliverer of Isreal.

Jephthah rose from a zero to a hero because he took time to connect with God and also connected with himself. How did he connect with God? He basically developed his faith in God [Judges 11:11] by the word, and that made a whole difference. Understand that nothing is stronger in life than your faith In God.

Secondly, he connected with himself by discovering his hidden talents and capabilities. Who could have known that there was a mighty man of valor hidden in a rejectee? In cooperation with God, Jephthah developed himself to become a mighty man that all Israel could turn to in a time of crisis. And that paid off. That was why he became a leader of Israel, and a person we talk about today. By really working on himself, Jephthah made it into God’s roll of honor of faith [Hebrews 11:32].

You must not allow your negative past to arrest your glorious future. You should turn to the Lord with the whole of your might and heart. God can use your life for something beautiful and glorious upon the earth if you are purposeful in your heart.

Giving your life to Christ is the foundation for a glorious turn around, dedicating yourself to Him is the game changer. Make that move today, make this year count for God! Connect with God and you will find the grace that makes life make sense. You too can wax strong through faith, you can obtain promises, you can escape the edge of the sword, you can stop the mouth of lions, you can subdue kingdoms through faith in might of the Almighty God. I see you rising in Jesus name!

Isaiah 54:4 ” Fear not; for thou shall not be ashamed, neither be thou confounded ; for thou shalt not be put to shame; for thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth , and shalt not remember the reproach of thy widowhood any more.

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