Can Jesus Ride On You?

In Luke 19:28-38 Jesus tells his disciple to go and lose the donkey that had been tied in a village. In John 12:12-26 Jesus rides the donkey into Jerusalem. Beloved, Jesus wanted the donkey untied because He had need of him which was TO CARRY HIM. Consider the following bible verse:

Exodus 8:1 Let my people go THAT THEY MAY SERVE ME

Jesus wants you loosed so that you can carry Him everywhere you go (in your heart and by your actions) so that when they see you they see Jesus. Can you “carry” Jesus to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost ends of the earth? Can Jesus “ride” on you? This is a food for thought for everyone!


When Jesus rode on the donkey people put their garments on the donkey so that Jesus could sit on it. When you make yourself available to “carry” Jesus, He’ll beautify your life. How “BEAUTIFUL” are the feet of those that preach the gospel. The Lord gave the word; “GREAT” is the company of those that published it (Psalm 68:11).


People cut branches and placed them on the floor as this donkey carried Jesus. Beloved, when you “carry” Jesus YOU WILL BE CELEBRATED! As you “carry” Jesus YOU WILL NOT DIE UNSUNG!


The donkey may have thought people were celebrating him but we all know it was all about Jesus. Likewise when people give you accolades and standing ovations, REMEMBER TO RETURN THE GLORY TO GOD! He will not share His glory with any man.


As you “carry” Jesus I pray in His awesome name that He will give you beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. May He give you a divine exchange: For brass may you have gold, for iron, silver, for wood, brass! May He (God) lay your stones with fair colors and your foundation with sapphires, your windows of agates, your gates of carbuncles, and all your borders will be of pleasant stones! May He (Jesus) be “BEAUTIFUL” in all your situations. Remain blessed in the awesome name of Jesus!

Song: I see the Lord! I see the Lord! Exalted high above the worship of the people of the Lord, I see the Lord! I see the Lord! For my eyes have seen the king, the lamb upon the throne who reigns forevermore.

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