My Eleventh Hour Miracle Must Appear!

By Pastor Leke Sanusi, RCCG Brussels, London

Bible reference: Matthew 20:1-16

Friends, God is never too early or too late. He comes right on time. Keep hoping, trusting, and believing in God. The above-referenced bible passage is a story of an employer who went out early to hire laborers to work in his vineyard for a penny. He went out at 9am, 12noon, 3pm and hired laborers. Then at 5pm he saw some people in the market place idle and hired them. When it was time to pay all the laborers, EVERYONE got paid a penny which was the agreed-upon amount! So the laborers who worked for only one hour got the same wage as the ones who worked all day! (Read the passage to get a better understanding).

Beloved, the eleventh hour represents an almost too late time. It is a time when many are likely to give up. An eleventh hour miracle is a supernatural thing that happens when no one thinks it will. It is a supernatural surprise. It is the hand of God overriding the mouth of man. At your eleventh hour, you can recover lost opportunities. The eleventh-hour miracle supernaturally breaks patterns to favor you. Candidates for the eleventh-hour miracle usually get unmerited favor. WHO ARE THE CANDIDATES FOR AN ELEVENTH-HOUR MIRACLE?

NOTE: Friends, for the sake of brevity, this message has been summarized. The entire message has been included in an ebook I put together that contains over a hundred POWERFUL messages preached by various anointed servants of God. Many of these messages have machine-gun prayer points at the end of them!!! The messages in this powerful ebook are life-changing!!! This ebook can be emailed to you TODAY for FREE with the purchase of any of my ebooks (my ebooks are only $5.00 each)!!! Visit my online bookstore below for more information.

Beloved, hold on to your faith in God. Your eleventh-hour miracle will appear in the mighty name of Jesus!

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