A Godly Approach To Conflict Resolution

Friends, as children of God working in His vineyard it is not uncommon to disagree from time to time or have difference in opinions. We may sometimes not see things eye to eye though we might have admirable motives. Even if two “angels” were married to each other, they would have conflicts. You may be wondering what conflict could two ANGELS possibly have? Here’s one example:
While one might think it’s a great idea to praise God 24/7 because that’s why we were all created – to praise and worship God, right? The other might have “other things” in mind like the honeymoon, the consummation of the marriage…are you following? Okay. Now both appear to have valid points of view because it is good to praise God 24/7. Isn’t it? It is also important for two married couples to “spend time” with one another and certainly consummate the marriage. So here we are with two “angels” knocking heads with each other and they both appear to have admirable points of view!
Let’s take another look at Mary and Martha. I have often heard people say “don’t be the Martha that does not matter…” But I beg to differ with that statement. I think Martha has a ministry that really matters. While, Mary wanted to sit and learn at the feet of Jesus which Jesus said was the right path, if Martha wasn’t busy with the chores like cooking and cleaning, who would’ve done them? So there is room for both Mary’s and Martha’s in God’s kingdom!!! The only problem I see is that Martha got frustrated and reported Mary to Jesus. She felt Mary was just sitting down while she was doing all the work. I feel she could’ve handled it differently. She could’ve politely asked Mary to help her as she was overwhelmed.
Similarly, in churches today, modern-day “Martha’s” could ask the “Mary’s” for help. Many modern-day “Mary’s just desire to “learn at the feet of Jesus” . The Martha’s love to be busy and some of them are natural leaders. But there should be a balance because many Martha’s are too busy and don’t hear the sermon and are not well grounded in the word!!! Mary’s should also offer their assistance when the need arises even though it is a settled matter that they love to learn at the feet of Jesus.
Martha’s could say to the “Mary’s” “there is an upcoming event and I need all hands on deck…I’d really appreciate your help…in fact, I am counting on it” Beloved, I have heard many times that it is easier to get something from someone with honey than with vinegar. Your approach is of essence. If modern day “Martha’s” come at Mary’s the wrong way (as is the case many times), it may not be a pretty sight. May God season our speech with salt that we may minister grace unto the hearer in the mighty name of Jesus!
Beloved, difference in opinions does not have to lead to bickering or resentment as is the case may times. The bible tells us we should not let the sun go down with our anger. It also tells us that even if our brethren upset us seventy times seven times, we should still forgive! Some claim they have forgive but still have people in their black book (for lack of a better word). MAY OUR PRAYERS NOT BE LIKE THE BARKING OF A DOG! We must learn to compromise. Let us always ask ourselves:  what would Jesus do in this situation? The bible says “Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity…”
Beloved, we must realize that everyone cannot be like us. Neither can people  meet our expectations at every given time. Though we may have flaws, we are also all gifted in diverse ways. We are not in competition but in complementation in that we “complement” one another as members of one Body of Christ. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus that our hearts will be big enough to embrace everyone! I pray that we will be tolerant of the differences in others. May God take us from grace to grace and from glory to glory in Jesus’ mighty name!
This message is an excerpt from my ebook titled “In His Vineyard” and can be emailed to you today at no cost with a purchase of any other of my inspirational ebooks. Beloved, my ebooks cost $5.00 (five dollars) and can be read from your smartphones, iPads, or computer.

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